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Does Size Matter?

Have you ever bought a large box of cereal, only to get home and find that it doesn’t fit into your cupboard on onto the pantry shelf?  If you have, then it would seem that you’re not alone.  Which is exactly why Kellogg Co. is currently trialing a new "space-saving" cereal-box

Less choice please

Some people believe the bigger the choice the better, but Matthew Harrison is not one of them. Rather than face a baffling number of slight variations on a theme, Matt argues that less is more when it comes to offering a varied product range to meet customer needs.
I remember fondly our

2009 Key Challenges part 2 of 2

We conclude yesterday’s article on the two key challenges facing marketers in 2009 by discussing some short-term marketing solutions which will address current needs yet still contribute to long-term brand equity.
In the current climate it is understandable that marketers are scrabbling for short-term solutions to compensate for wider financial constraints, but aggressive pricing

2009 Key Challenges part 1 of 2

Two key challenges are facing marketers this year, according to an article in Marketing News: how to restore consumer confidence and how to find short-term marketing solutions which continue to meet long-term brand strategies.
Confidence has been knocked, and right now customers are demonstrating changing needs and new buying patterns. Careful customer

Topsoil Rises to the Top

A new survey by market research specialists B2B International examines the soil industry and finds a highly respected supplier amidst a slowing market in the construction sector.
Soil, like water, is the source of all life on our planet. Soil affects each of us in our everyday lives from the food we eat to

Sustainability is here to stay

Being green is growing in importance, and it’s an issue companies should ignore at their peril.
According to new research commissioned by Yahoo, more than three in four consumers (77%) define themselves as "green".  57% claim to have made a green purchase decision within the past six months.

Our Industry Expertise


I was impressed by B2B International's outstanding abilty to execute on a compressed timeline as well as their abilty to analyze and communicate extensive data in a concise and meaningful way.

Tufts University

The results of the research were communicated in a clear manner that enabled us to pull out key themes and areas for future development.

Germains Technology Group