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B2B International adjudged one of the top agencies in MRS awards

Business-to-business market research and business intelligence agency, B2B International, was voted one of the top six research agencies in the country in the ‘Best Agency with a turnover of under £20m’ category at the Market Research Agency (MRS) Awards.
At the MRS awards evening in London on 10th December, B2B International was judged

An Insightful Discussion

A couple of weeks ago, B2B International Director Carol-Ann Morgan took part in a roundtable event in London hosted by Marketing magazine. ‘Greater Insights 2012’ invited some of the UK’s foremost market researchers to lead a discussion on what’s hot and what’s not in the market research industry at the present time.

B2B International finds serious challenges facing healthcare across Europe

A strategic research project commissioned by Medirest, the specialist healthcare division of Compass Group PLC, and undertaken by business-to-business market research specialist B2B International, reveals critical issues facing hospital boards
In Spring 2012, Board Directors in publicly funded hospitals across four European markets (UK, France, Germany and Italy) were interviewed about the issues

Putting the Customer at the Heart of the Business

In a special Business Surgery, Carol-Ann Morgan discusses why Greg Smiths letter published in the New York Times (“Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs” – NY Times – 14.3.12 ) should serve as a warning shot across the boughs for any company which considers its customers or clients only in revenue generation

Spotting the Changes

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Carol-Ann Morgan assesses what is now driving buying decisions
I simply cannot make up my mind! Do I want to move house or not? I have been looking around now for more years than I care to count, but it appears there is a forcefield around

How Lazy Are You? – Decision Making and the Lazy User Model

On her latest adventure for TNI, Carol-Ann Morgan sets off in search of the Holy Grail, deciphering the complicated codes left by the puzzling world of decision makers.
Market researchers spend much of their time working on projects which seek to understand how buying decisions are made. There is no shortage of literature

Keeping Your Ear To The Ground

Consulting with stakeholders has become increasingly popular, as both the public and the private sector apply principles of good governance to the way they operate. There is recognition that in order to maximise an organisation or a company’s success, it needs to look both inward and outward at those who are affected by

Understanding the Impact and Effect

In her latest Thursday Night Insight, Carol-Ann Morgan points out that our best intentions are not always quite as well received as we might hope.
In 1687, Sir Isaac Newton compiled his three laws of motion. The third law is commonly reported as…
 “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

The Importance of Considered Critique

E-mail is dying out! Or, at least, that’s if recent research is to be believed. Carol-Ann Morgan, however, in this week’s Thursday Night Insight, reminds us that we can’t always take research findings at face value.
Recently published research tells us that e-mail will be defunct in 10 years’ time in

Recognising the Price Typology

At a time when consumers and businesses alike are watching the purse strings, Carol-Ann Morgan reiterates the importance of understanding what buyers of your products and services really value.
The newspapers tell us today that the recession is subsiding, and that we are fighting back to economic recovery. Times have been hard for

Our Industry Expertise


The final report was one of the best synthesized and easy to understand pieces of complex information I have seen in a long time.

Pall Corporation

The research was thoroughly conducted and all the project objectives were exceedingly met.