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Business-to-business markets and the parable of the bath tub

Typically the number of customers that a business-to-business company deals with can easily be captured on a modest spreadsheet. 90% of business-to-business companies have less than 500 customers.
These customers can be regarded as water in the bathtub. Let us continue with our hypothetical business-to-business company that has around 500 live customers that it supplies

Understanding the Purchasing Decision

A man goes into a bar and orders a double whisky. He doesn’t ask the price of the whiskey before he places the order and he passes across a $20 note to make the payment. He doesn’t check the change. The next day in his workplace, the man opens a spreadsheet to compare two potential

Researching Researchers!

Earlier this year, B2B International carried out a survey with 103 professionals across the UK and the U.S., who are responsible for b2b marketing and research in large organisations (those with 500+ employees). The aim of the study was to obtain a deep understanding on the market’s requirements of business-to-business research providers.
The survey

Worlds Apart: A comparison of the market research industries in the USA and China

If, like me, you are sitting in the UK, running a market research business on three different continents, it can feel like you have an average body temperature but it is made up of a foot in the fire and the foot in the fridge. The fire and the fridge are the

B2B Industry Confidence Is High From The New B2B Barometer

The B2B Barometer – the bi-annual ‘state of the nation’ survey for B2B marketers – has just launched its sixth wave, reporting client-side marketers and agencies are feeling positive about business over the coming year.
Backed by three years of historical data on B2B marketing, the survey collates the views of client and agency

Business Optimism Grows for B2B Marketers

Figures from the B2B Barometer1 show that the economic situation for B2B marketers looks optimistic for the future:
Business optimism gradually returning amongst B2B marketers
On the client side:

Three fifths (60%) anticipate economic recovery within the next 12 months
Two thirds (66%) expect their own organisation to grow in the next 12

Beware! ‘Slick’ Marketing Can Be Detrimental To B2B Marketers’ Health

Nick Hague this week delves into the world of social media to determine its relevance for B2B marketers.
When our IT Manager spoke to me back in 2005 about Web 2.0 and the way it was going to change not only how we did business at B2B International but also how we communicate

To Twitter or Not to Twitter…

 BtoB magazine has conducted a survey into the effectiveness of social media phenomenon Twitter for b-to-b marketers. Yet, with mixed findings, Twitter didn’t emerge from the survey of almost 400 US marketers as a ‘must-do’ marketing action.
Nearly half of all respondents in last month’s ‘Twitter in B2B Marketing’ study were dissatisfied with

What Can Marketers Learn From English Seduction Techniques?

This week Director Matthew Harrison draws the key marketing lessons from his (now dormant) seduction techniques.
Each and every year, the month of March is a joyous occasion for me. The brutal New York winter dissipates and makes way for 8 months of glorious sun. The English football season reaches its

What makes B2B marketing different?

Is business-to-business marketing really that different from business-to-consumer marketing?  As business-to-business market research specialists, managing hundreds of b2b projects every year, we certainly think so.
Our latest white paper, ‘Why is business-to-business marketing special?’, recognises the many differences between the business and consumer disciplines, highlighting the implications of

Our Industry Expertise


This project has provided Vocollect with excellent data to feed into our strategy development process. It has fulfilled all our expectations and B2B have been extremely professional, consultative and responsive during all phases of this project.


The final report was one of the best synthesized and easy to understand pieces of complex information I have seen in a long time.

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