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Business-to-business markets and the parable of the bath tub

Typically the number of customers that a business-to-business company deals with can easily be captured on a modest spreadsheet. 90% of business-to-business companies have less than 500 customers.
These customers can be regarded as water in the bathtub. Let us continue with our hypothetical business-to-business company that has around 500 live customers that it supplies

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Loss

In this week’s Business Surgery, Conor Wilcock discusses the merits of ringing in the changes
As far as months go, March was pretty tumultuous. I recently upped the proverbial sticks, threw caution to the proverbial wind, and flew across the (not so) proverbial Atlantic Ocean to begin anew a life in the United

Developing Your 2012 Business Strategy

Recent research carried out by McKinsey Quarterly with 2,135 executives showed that most companies’ strategies are flawed and not ‘future-proofed’ to make sure that they are adaptable to changing market conditions. With 2012 ahead of us (and no doubt some globally challenging times ahead), we have detailed the main checklist that you

New E-Book For Growth

“I want to grow my business – what should I do?” It’s a challenge practically every business faces but, of course, there’s no one simple answer. Yet, there are many practical steps that can be taken, and what better place to start than this year’s Growing Business Handbook?
This annual handbook –

Play Your Cards Right

In his first Thursday Night Insight, Dan Attivissimo this week discusses the merits of playing to your strengths.
Early in life we are conditioned to improve our weaknesses rather than enhance our strengths. As an example, as students (at least when I was a student) it’s all too common that parents and teachers

Will China Pull A Rabbit Out Of Its Hat In 2011?

The Chinese Year of the Rabbit begins on February 3rd. So what will this year have in store for China? Much the same as 2010? Or will there be some surprises on the cards?
Scott Kronick and Jamie Moeller of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide gave their views to AdAgeChina recently.

B2B International Announce Opening of London Office

 International business-to-business market research and market intelligence specialists open a second office this year.
Hot on the heels of a new office in Shanghai, B2B International is to open an office in London – Regent’s Place in NW1 on Euston Road. This will open in September and be focused on sales and project

B2B International Opens its Doors in Shanghai

B2B International is pleased to announce the opening of its new Shanghai office, complementing its Beijing office which opened in 2006. The company has expanded its China operations to Shanghai to meet the growing demand for business-to-business market research among Chinese and foreign companies with headquarters in this important city.
The Shanghai Expo,

Journey Into the Not-So-Unknown

In today’s Thursday Night Insight, Caroline Harrison comes across a great example of why market research pays dividends.
A recent convert to Wikipedia, I was checking out this popular encyclopedia website just the other day. Probably the thing I love most about a half-hour surf on this site is the weird and wonderful

Research Reveals Engineers Want Universities to Teach Business Skills

 A recent study for Tufts University by market research specialist B2B International examines how universities can develop engineers and scientists into business leaders of the future.
One of the biggest challenges facing any higher education institution is attracting students through its doors. The Tufts Gordon Institute, part of Tufts University’s School of Engineering

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