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Performance Metrics: Which one to choose?

Financial metrics have long been the standard measure of performance for all businesses. Indeed, financial metrics such as sales, gross margin and cash are still essential measures in any business. However, they do not provide a measure of general business performance. Business performance metrics (measures of general business performance) are relatively new concepts, and there

Getting Buy-In To Your Research Project

More and more clients are coming to us at an early stage in the creation of a research brief to get our thoughts not only on how we can help research the problem but also to get our help and backing to get buy-in to the project from inside and help fight the

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Loss

In this week’s Business Surgery, Conor Wilcock discusses the merits of ringing in the changes
As far as months go, March was pretty tumultuous. I recently upped the proverbial sticks, threw caution to the proverbial wind, and flew across the (not so) proverbial Atlantic Ocean to begin anew a life in the United

Developing Your 2012 Business Strategy

Recent research carried out by McKinsey Quarterly with 2,135 executives showed that most companies’ strategies are flawed and not ‘future-proofed’ to make sure that they are adaptable to changing market conditions. With 2012 ahead of us (and no doubt some globally challenging times ahead), we have detailed the main checklist that you

In Search Of Business Excellence

Julia Cupman this week discusses how to drive excellence in companies.
I am always intrigued by what people think drives excellence in companies.  The common thread in everything that we are asked to do in our search for market intelligence is to find the nuggets and insights that show how

Are You Speaking Gobbledygook?

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Nick Hague questions how clearly people are communicating in the business world today.
The year is now 2011 but things are no different than 2010 and I profess they are getting worse. I was sat in a meeting a couple of weeks ago (just after New

HR Certification Offers a 253% Return On Investment

Research by market research specialists B2B International on the value of HR certification around the world reveals an average ROI of gaining the credentials of over 250%
The message seems to be ‘get certified’! An online survey for the HR Certification Institute, of more than 1,500 HR professionals in 37 countries worldwide, has

To Twitter or Not to Twitter…

 BtoB magazine has conducted a survey into the effectiveness of social media phenomenon Twitter for b-to-b marketers. Yet, with mixed findings, Twitter didn’t emerge from the survey of almost 400 US marketers as a ‘must-do’ marketing action.
Nearly half of all respondents in last month’s ‘Twitter in B2B Marketing’ study were dissatisfied with

Research Reveals Engineers Want Universities to Teach Business Skills

 A recent study for Tufts University by market research specialist B2B International examines how universities can develop engineers and scientists into business leaders of the future.
One of the biggest challenges facing any higher education institution is attracting students through its doors. The Tufts Gordon Institute, part of Tufts University’s School of Engineering

The Role of Marketers

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA), at its recent annual conference, has urged marketers to lead the United States out of the recession. Chief Marketing Officers of various multinationals – among them Walmart, McDonald’s, IBM, MillerCoors and Google – all spoke at the conference to explain how the actions of marketing departments

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Very good market intelligence that will be invaluable in helping us understand the market landscape and formulate our strategy.


A very good debrief. Met the objectives for the customer research very well - great analysis and recommendations.