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How Effective Is Sports Sponsorship?

Investment in sponsorship is growing fast. In fact, sponsorship is growing at a rate of 4% per annum, compared with 3% for all other forms of global advertising. According to Nielsen, companies are spending over $50bn on sponsorship every year. So, what is it about sponsorship that is attracting these huge investments, and how can

Top Tip 10: Dealing with shorter attention spans

It’s day ten of our ’10 Top Tips For B2B Marketers To Make 2014 A Success’ series and the final tip of the series looks at how you can deal with shorter attention spans! We hope you’ve enjoyed the series and found our tips both interesting and useful. To read yesterday’s top tip, click

Getting Buy-In To Your Research Project

More and more clients are coming to us at an early stage in the creation of a research brief to get our thoughts not only on how we can help research the problem but also to get our help and backing to get buy-in to the project from inside and help fight the

Internet Up, DM Down

The latest figures released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau show that expenditure on Internet adverts increased rapidly throughout 2011 to reach a record $31 billion for the year. This is an increase of 22% over 2010. Of this, display-related advertising revenue totalled $11.1 billion (up 15% from the previous year) and

How Important is Advertising?

How much of the money spent on advertising is wasted? Although it’s a very difficult question to answer, advertising research goes a very long way towards measuring and tracking over time the effectiveness of any ad campaign.
However, according to a new study by Satmetrix, only 2% of consumers trust advertising the most

What, No More Football?

Reflecting on a month of non-stop football coverage, Alex Clements this week mulls over the effectiveness of high profile advertising and sponsorship.
The World Cup is now over and things are, once again, returning to normal. Wives get their husbands back, kids get the right to watch TV back and the men are

World Cup Advertising: Louder and Longer, But Will It Last?

For this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Oliver Truman kicks off with B2B’s first World Cup-related blog post of the summer.
Well, it’s almost here. And don’t we know about it.
The 2010 Football World Cup is upon us, and everyone’s got their knickers in a twist. Cue endless

Does Advertising Work?

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Paul Hague argues vehemently – once again – that advertising can and does work.
What is it about me? My evenings with friends often end up in heated discussion. For some reason, they associate me with all the sins of the marketing world.
-     “You people are

Mixed Feelings Over Social Media

 It appears the jury is still out on the usefulness of social media and social networking websites from a business perspective. Two recent studies show mixed feelings from companies, ranging from SMEs through to large multinational corporations.
In the second annual Business Networking Trends Survey, conducted by WeCanDo.biz, 80% of entrepreneurs claimed

Too Much Information

A new academic study claims the average American consumes 34 gigabytes and 100,000 words of information every day. That’s not just a phenomenal amount of information to take in. It’s also estimated to be well over three times the daily amount that we consumed back in 1980.
The ‘How Much Information?‘

Our Industry Expertise


Thanks for all the work that’s gone into this study. The presentation is fantastic and the Reflect tool is really useful to allow us to interrogate the data with any other angles we need.

Stanley Tools

From implementation and analysis through to usefulness of the information provided, it was a very positive experience.