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Nick Hague, Director of B2B International, will be speaking at next month’s Excellence in Customer Service event to be held on September 26 2012 at The Barbican in London.

Nick – a SOCAP-recognised Customer Experience Master Practitioner – will take to the stage in a session entitled ‘Improving Customer Experience – Lessons Learnt From The Private Sector’.

According to Hague, “In the private sector it is self-evident that companies should try to satisfy their customers; they are the lifeblood of any organisation. Therefore companies either thrive, survive or go to the wall depending on how good they are at attracting new customers and more importantly, hanging on to them. The growing trend to switch focus from customer service to customer experience management and customer loyalty is a smart one and has certainly gripped the private sector over the last couple of years.”

Nick will talk about how the private sector differs from the public sector and give some case study examples of what organisations are doing to measure, track and improve their customers’ experiences over time.

Anyone interested in attending this conference should visit www.publicserviceevents.co.uk/225/excellence-in-customer-service to find out more or to book tickets.

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