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An understanding of the effect that the aftermarket services has on satisfaction and post behavioural intentions is extremely important as it not only allows companies to differentiate their offering, develop another revenue stream but most important of all, it allows a company to strengthen the relationship they have with the customer in the long-run. The reason this is extremely important in business to business markets is because a customer is often at arm’s length from dealing direct often through distributor channels.

Customer Journey Mapping is therefore often the starting point for mapping the whole b2b customer experience so that each customer interaction is identified at each stage of the journey along the value chain including for the after-sales side of the service. Through measurement of satisfaction at each touch point an understanding of service delivery can be mapped and closer management of lifetime value of a customer and therefore key revenue generators can be ascertained along the value chain; often especially around aftermarket services.

B2B International can help your business with customer journey mapping and we can help increase the value you get from your customers.

For more information on understanding the value chain of derived demand visit: the white papers section of our website

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I am always very impressed with the quality and depth of the information delivered. My experience with B2B International on the numerous projects carried out has always been very positive and I expect the relationship to continue to grow in the future. Thanks again for the good work.

Met Office

A very good debrief. Met the objectives for the customer research very well - great analysis and recommendations.