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The 9th IDM Business Marketing Conference: New world, new values, new customer rules

The role of marketing in driving the business, and the need to have nailed down a robust and well thought out business strategy to underpin your marketing, has never been greater. To achieve results and demonstrate their impact on the bottom line, business marketers need to embrace new and innovative strategies and tactics to engage with their customers (and stakeholders) and integrate them into their existing approaches.

Technological developments and economic challenges have fundamentally changed the way business marketers do business and the shift in power to the consumer has had a profound impact on moving from a push to listen/nurture/respond approach.

Nick Hague, Managing Director of B2B International has been confirmed as a speaker to talk about “Taking account of global cultural differences and understanding the complexities of international expansion”. On the day, Nick will be joined with other speakers including:

• Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mubaloo

• Chief Marketing Officer, Psion

• Marketing Director, Reed Business Information

• Head of B2B Marketing, KLM

• UK and Ireland Brand Manager, IBM

• Head of SME Business Marketing, 02UK

To understand what the new b2b world looks like in 2012, the new values that hold true and the new customer rules in b2b marketing come along on the 24th May 2012 at the Commonwealth Club in London.

For more information visit: http://www.theidm.com/marketing-events/b2b-conference/

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We were very pleased with the work done and impressed with the quick turnaround of the job on a very tight deadline...I would use B2B International again.

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We implemented many new communication, learning and relationship building tools as a result of your work with us - these have been very successful and satisfaction levels are probably at their highest ever levels.

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